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Affiliation No/Period. 1630595 / 31st March, 2025 

Wa. 86997-48487 

Expectation From Parents

What we expect from you as parents

The school and the home share a joint responsibility for the healthy development of children. This is a function of the quality time children spend at school and at home. While we fulfull our responsibility at school, we request you yo consider the following:

  • Be sure that your ward reaches the school in time.
  • Send your ward in neat, clean and proper uniform
  • If your ward suffers from fever/illness don’t send him/her to school
  • Please dont enter the class-room and argue with teachers
  • If you want ot get any information, you may meet teachers with prior permission of the Prinicipal
  • Attend all the Parent-Teacher Meetings as and when scheduled
  • Take keen interest in the every day experiences of your child at school. Diallogue with him/her about what they do at school
  • Be encouraging and supportive about every positive initiative your child takes.
  • Patiently dialogue with your child about his/her mistakes.
  • Know your child’s likes and dislikes
  • Express interest in your child’s development
  • Adopt a positive attitude towards every new activity your child participates in at school.
  • Be availble for your child when he/she need your support and guidance.
  • Limit the hours of viewing television and engage them in active outdoor play activities
  • Trust your child and give him/her uncondition positive regard.